Latest job numbers show no improvement

10 01 2010

The job market is not nearly as hot as it once was. The December unemployment report released Friday shows we’re nearing an unemployment high. Although employers cut 85,000 jobs from payrolls and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 10%, it is just below the 10.8% peak hit in the 1982 recession. The figures dashed hopes that the final month of 2009 would be the first to show jobs being added back to the economy, reported Money magazine. With more than seven million jobs lost in the last two years, no one was looking for major job creation, but the report still contained many depressing numbers. Read more >>.

Minnesota fares better than nation, but not as well as our west side neighbor.

Here in the Twin Cities, we’re lucky. Our unemployment rate is only 7.0%, according to a report released a few days earlier. But if you want to fare even better, go just a tad west. South Dakota sits at a 4.5% unemployment rate and North Dakota at 3.7%. See how we stack up to other states.

Graphic artist and web designer for hire

9 01 2010

Tom Mundahl, who created the logo for MITSVA, is a multi-talented artist. He is a musician, an illustrator, graphic designer and web site developer. He showcases all of these talents in his latest music video. If you know of anyone looking to hire a graphic artist, MITSVA has at least two in Tom and in Brad Dickinson, who created the MITSVA banner and other graphics for us.

Reverse mortgage good idea if you lost your job? Not so sure.

6 01 2010

Are reverse mortgages a good option for seniors who have lost jobs, savings?

People age 62+ have the option of tapping their home equity through a reverse mortgage, where by the lender pays you a lump sum or monthly installments that you do not have to pay back until all the senior title holders of the home have passed away or moved out. Many seniors forced into early retirement or who were downsized or lost stock or retirement savings with the downturn in the economy, have turned to this option. With the aging Baby Boomer population, more are expected to do so in 2010. See what Mitsva’s Sheree R. Curry has to say about Reverse Mortgages in her article for AOL, illustrated by Mitsva volunteer Brad Dickinson (who is available to illustrate other projects if you know of anyone hiring).