How to Transition to a New Job

9 12 2009

Harvey Goodman speaks at MITSVA December 8, 2009 on How to Transition to a New Job (Photos by Sheree R. Curry)

early a dozen people braved the heavy snow fall that blew across the Twin Cities on Tuesday to hear Harvey Goodman speak on “How to Transition to a New Job.”

The free seminar, held at MITSVA, 1712 Hopkins Crossroad, Minnetonka, is one of several that are held most Tuesday evenings.

Mr. Goodman discussed how networking is key to finding a new job and that networking should move beyond social tools and back to the basics: face-to-face networking.

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As an ExecuNet letter that Mr. Goodman handed out, read: “Social tools … do not replace the need to actually meet people in person. Online activities like ‘friending’ business associates on Facebook or Tweeting about looking for a job cannot replace face-to-face meetings where people can get to know one another and trusted connections can be made.”

Photos by Sheree R. Curry

Lenny and Mila Krol follow up with guest speaker Harvey Goodman, after his free lecture at Mitsva on Tuesday December 8, 2009.

Mr. Goodman also spoke about how to prepare for a job interview and to handle those tough questions job seekers ultimately will encounter when sitting across from the representative of a potential new employer . He provided handouts that are prompts for interviewers for determining say, your motivation level for the job, persuasiveness if you’re in sales, your tenacity, organizational skills, work standards, listening abilities and sensitivity.

Sample interview questions:

  • What is a big obstacle you had to overcome to get where you are today?
  • What is the most important contribution you have made to your current position?
  • Describe a situation where you were too persistent. What happened?

For anyone seeking a change from their current employment situation, consider stopping by a future job seminar at Mitsva or networking group. The latter meets Fridays at 11 a.m. The next Tuesday seminar is about the sectors gaining most momentum with VC funding. It will be presented by Shai Goldman. See Mitsva Events for other upcoming opportunities. — Sheree R. Curry,



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